Project management: 2020 resolutions

Project management: 2020 resolutions

Whether you are a large company or a start-up, it is important to manage your projects well. In this article, you will find our 10 resolutions for 2020 to start the year with successful projects.

Project management is often too neglected or poorly carried out within companies that often skip steps and neglect to consider the possible risks, problems and tasks that the project will encounter. They forget to set a framework for their projects and often mismanage the follow-up and communication between collaborators. As a result, many projects fall through.

On the other hand, start-ups and companies that manage their projects by considering the possible risks they will encounter, by assigning actions and by doing a regular follow-up are the most successful and stand out the most. Good project management is one of the keys to success.

To carry out your projects successfully, you will find below our 10 resolutions to succeed in your projects at the beginning of 2020:

1. Set objectives

A project is a set of objectives, it is important to know how to define them, classify them and define the deliverables of it to set a budget and activities and especially to be able to measure the risks of the project.

2. Define a budget

Defining a budget beforehand makes it possible to compare the estimated costs with the estimated benefits and thus to evaluate the profitability of the project and judge whether the project should be undertaken. It also ensures that the necessary funds are available to carry out the project. In the same way, it helps to avoid embarking on a project that requires too many resources and is doomed to failure.

3. Fix your activities

The project is built around tasks, constraints and actions. Fixing the activities in advance makes it possible to better prepare them, anticipate them and assign them to the various collaborators of the project to carry them out in the best possible way. Fixing the activities upstream also makes it possible to anticipate future issues and risks in order to define an action plan.

4. Anticipate the risks

Indeed, you must anticipate and define the risks in advance and all along its realization makes to foresee the problems and move foreward in a safer environment. Knowledge is a strength and knowing the risks will allow you to anticipate problems and prepare actions for each of them.

5. Be ready to adapt

Of course, one must never take one's eyes off the objectives, but often modifications are necessary to achieve them because many factors come into play in the realization of a project. Therefore, it is always necessary to remain attentive to the environment and be ready to manage requests for change.

6. Choose your collaborators carefully

In project management, teamwork is one of the key elements that determines the success or failure of a project. The choice of project collaborators is therefore an important point when building a project. The performance but especially the complementarity and the good understanding of the collaborators are key factors of success.

7. Communicate

Communication benefits both growth and the smooth running of a company's activities. Within a project, a good communication allows both to assign tasks and actions correctly, to coordinate them well, to ensure that the project runs smoothly... A good communication therefore implies transparency with the collaborators, to give visibility thanks to reports but also to be attentive because listening is the starting point of the communication. One must be able to receive before starting to transmit.

8. Think Multi-Project

Whether you are a project manager or a collaborator within a project, it is easy to get lost and mix up informations of the different projects you are working on. Knowing how to work in multi-projects allows you to have a global vision of all projects, better allocate ressources, budget, times and especially better manage them independently, get organized and ensure overall success. 

9. Learn from past errors and successes

Mistakes are human and although nobody likes to make them, mistakes allow us to learn from them. After a failure, it is necessary to go beyond guilt and remorse to analyze and observe the reasons for the failure in order to learn something beneficial from it. Learning from one's successes may seem obvious, yet it is important not to forget to analyze and observe successes in order to understand them and be able to reproduce them.

10. Use adapted tools

A good project management tool must allow you to frame the project, monitor it, communicate, manage risks and project needs... In short, a good project management tool combines each of the 9 previous resolutions. Getting the right equipment makes it easier to carry out the project successfully. A tool like Gouti brings additional benefits to those we have seen. Indeed, this project management application by its simplicity of use simplifies many tasks, centralizes project management and saves time with a consolidated and effective control of all stages of the project and teams.

And you, what are your resolutions for 2020?


Léo Garvey