Video Presentation of Gouti
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Video Presentation of Gouti

Two presentation videos to introduce you Gouti, the project management tool.

You are looking for a project management tool to assist you in your daily tasks ?
Discover what Gouti can provide you through these two presentation videos !

One minute presentation video about this Project Manager tool

More than an umpteenth project management software, Gouti offers you to go to the basics. For you, ease of use and features to make your job easier.

This tool will assist you every day in the realization of your projects, whatever they are. Its pragmatism and its method offer to the less experienced and more experienced project managers a complete ready to use solution integrating the essential features of project management.


Presentation in 6 minutes ... actually 7 :-)

Quick guided tour of the project management software in which we present you its main features. From the dashboard to the pre-filled exportable reports in PDF, via the list of tasks, discover Gouti.

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The best way to get an idea is to try it. You benefit from the first month offered without commitment in its Premium version, so do not wait any longer and register !

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