Project Management Tool Gouti Support for the project mode

Project Management Support with Gouti

Using a project management application like Gouti is quite simple. However, when you have done little project-based work, it is sometimes difficult to get into using a project management software.

CG Project Management offers support solutions to help you set up project management using Gouti. Each customer is different, so are the support needs. That's why we offer several options to assist you in your project management.

Startup Assistance

Included with the Enterprise license, we offer a meeting in Web Conference 2 to 3 weeks after your start. The objective is to answer your questions and propose operational solutions to your concrete and daily needs about your project management tool.

Web package Conferences and/or meetings on site

This model of support through regular meetings has proved its worth. The idea is to assist you in the longer term beyond the start of projects and the handling of Gouti. The scheduling of regular exchange sessions is the guarantee of good practices in project management better use and advices on the domain. CG Project Management is a company specialized in project management and we know how to support and assist our clients on their projects.

Project Management Training

A good knowledge base is always useful. So why not combine the startup of a project management application with training in project management. The charter, deliverables, milestones, phases, risks, changes: are you familiar with the concepts associated with this terminology ? CG Project Management provides many training missions, particularly to schools and universities. We offer customized training tailored to your needs and expectations.

We are at your disposal to discuss the solution best suited to your needs. Project Management is our job.

Gouti is a project management application allowing the project manager to follow his projects from start to finish. The Gouti project management solution is at first a pragmatic and ready to use application to collaborate in a framed and organized way. Gouti is a project management software available in Saas mode (Software As A Service) or On-Premise mode.