Features and Pricing

Features for project management, project portfolio monitoring, activity monitoring. Find out which license you need.


To discover

To consult

0 €

A limited version to manage a single project with the basic functionalities for planning, project management and monitoring.

Ideal for a study project, discover the solution or as a reading account with projects managed by Enterprise license.


For the project manager

Unlimited projects

€ 12.50 /month

A version dedicated to the project leadership. Extensive functionalities for initialization and planning of projects as well as for monitoring, controlling and reporting.

Ideal for independent project managers or small teams who want to collaborate on a small scale.


For project managers, managers, employees

Unlimited number of projects and personalized license

On Quotation

A version dedicated to organizations of all sizes and all fields of activity for the management of their project portfolio.

Includes all the functionalities dedicated to project management, collaboration and transversal management of projects and resources of the organization (time spent , costs, occupancy rate, knowledge base...).

Create your customised project management ERP by choosing your additional modules, options and customization of your Enterprise license.

* a pilot is a deployment of Gouti, on a reduced scale, to carry out an accompanied test in real conditions. This offer includes the implementation of a Enterprise licence (up to 50 users) with all modules for 3 months, a training and the support of a CG Project Management consultant to advise you on the methodological aspects and the scope of use.

Project Management Tool Gouti Detailed list of features

Depending on your license type, you have access to the features you need.

Features Basic Premium Enterprise
Project Management
Unlimited number of projects
Creating a project
Organization chart
Deliverables Management
Management of tasks, sub-tasks up to 4 levels
Milestones management
Kanban of project tasks
Predecessors management
Actions Plan
Issues Management
Risks Management
Changes Management
Follow-up of the workload and the to be done
Cost and billing tracking
Project templates
Definition of RACI matrices
Project charter
Pre-filled follow-up reports
Reports with data integration
Project macro-planning
Multi-projects View
Individual follow-up by team member
Creating custom report templates
Entering the time spent and forecasting on the timesheet
Definition of timesheet validation rules
Export tables in Excel format
Tasks, Deliverables and Actions Import
Collaboration and management
Calendar view and KANBAN of your work
Exchange on its activities with the project manager
IOS and Android mobile application to manage your activities
View of collaborators calendars and activities
Consolidation of employee time spent
Collaboration with external users
Project portfolio management
Program Management
Management of teams, managers and assignment of tasks to teams
Capacity planning (occupancy rate calculation)
Management of access rights and user profiles
Activities calendar synchronization with Outlook 365 and Google Agendas
Services and customization
Use of timesheets, analysis and processing of time spent
Monitoring of budgets and costs with variance between forecast and reality
Knowledge base and risk library
Apply workflow rules to projects and tasks
Distribution of the project portfolio by client
Document storage
Personalized project indicators and data
Customized company calendar
Access to the User Club
Project categories definition
Activity Labels definition
Custom logo on reports
Single Sign-On Authentication (SSO) and/or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Customization of status and project colors
Adaptation of screens to functional specificities
API usage

Gouti is a project management tool that allows the project manager to initialize, plan, track, control, and complete projects. This pragmatic project management solution makes it possible to collaborate in a framed and organized way. Gouti is a project management software available in Saas mode (Software As A Service) suitable for teleworking.