Project Management Tool Gouti Method

Gouti proposes simple steps to manage your projects.

  • Initialization


    The Project Charter

    A project charter ready to use allows you to define the basics of your project.

  • The Product

    The Product

    Define your Deliverables

    List clearly and simply what your project will produce. Follow the deliverables until delivery.

  • Scheduling


    List your Tasks

    With a WBS template, list your tasks and milestones. Use your own project templates. Visualize them simply in a GANTT or a macro-planning.

  • Collaborators


    Distribute work

    Define your team, assign tasks to team members who will be able to see them in a KANBAN, complete their timesheet, and exchange progress information in Gouti.

  • Monitoring and control

    Monitoring and control

    Plans and Reports

    Control your project, track progress. Define action plans, issues list, risks plan. Produce progress reports in a flew clicks. Export in Excel or Pdf format.

  • Consolidation, multi-projects

    Consolidation, multi-projects

    Steering, anticipation

    Follow several projects on a consolidated view, look at the work of each employee on multi-project views, check the time spent and the availability of your teams.

  • Project
    Control !

    Deliverable, scope, time, budget, quality, organization, risk, planning, monitoring, change, collaboration, communication, reporting : everything is followed with Gouti.


Gouti is based on precise principles of Project Management.

Gouti refers to the following principles

  • A project aims to achieve a product within a defined time, cost, scope and quality level.
  • The project is summarized in the project charter in which the objectives and expected benefits are defined.
  • The project consists of a list of deliverables from the project product to be produced.
  • Deliverables are made through tasks affected to collaborators.
  • These tasks can require specific actions and generate issues.
  • Risk management is a key element in the anticipation necessary for the smooth running of a project.
  • Reporting and communication around the project are key elements of the project's success.
  • Workload monitoring is a determining element for monitoring and must be integrated into a project management application.
  • A project manager can manage several projects and synthetic and multi-project views are necessary for communication with management.

The project manager works primarily on

  • The Tasks list
  • The Project Planning
  • The Action plan
  • The Issue list
  • The Change Management
  • The Workload and Financial Management
  • Follow-up reports

Gouti offers additional tools to the project manager

  • Project Key Indicators (KPI)
  • A communication system with the teams
  • A Flash Report
  • Custom Task templates
  • A GANTT view of the schedule and a Calendar view
  • A macro-planning
  • Follow-up reports by collaborator
  • Exports in Excel format
  • Consolidated views of all its projects
  • A Workload tracking solution with timesheets
  • Managing the capacity of teams with the calculation of actual and forecast employee utilization rates

With all these principles Gouti offers a project management ERP allowing centralized and organized management of all the projects of your structure.