Project Management Tool Gouti Origins of Gouti

CG Project Management and our software

Before being the editor of the software Gouti, CG Project Management is a company specialized in project management. We use our expertise at the service of organizations, from SMEs to large groups, to support them in carrying out national and international projects within IT management departments.​

The history of the company

The company was created in February 2016 by Christian Gutekunst a certified project manager.

The head office is located in the heart of the city of Strasbourg, in France.​

CG Project Management is a support and training company in project management and more specifically in IT project management.

With the experience and certifications of the founder we have been able to support many companies in their large-scale projects. We also train companies and students in project management methodologies and their applications.​

The creator's profile

« After 20 years at IBM France including 17 years entirely dedicated to IT project management I decided to create CG Project Management.

I use my expertise in international and complex but also regional and technical projects to design a solution that would help project managers and CIOs to manage their projects.​ Finally with our first clients we found that Gouti respond to a need well beyond CIOs through the proposed methodology and the pragmatic aspect at the heart of the solution.»​

Gouti’s birth​

 2016 : Study and mock-up of a project management software ​​
 2017 : Development of the software v.1 ​​
 2018 : Launching of Gouti on-line​
 2019 : Continuous improvement of the software in collaboration with our clients​​
 2020 : More than 2500 projects managed in Gouti​​

Why did we want to create a project management software ?​​

Following his own experience as well as several exchanges with other project managers, Christian Gutekunst identified a common problem: « I cannot find a tool that meets my project management needs.»​

Looking further we found that many project teams and non-expert project managers were left alone with the complexity of project organization and monitoring. It’s for these reasons that Gouti was born.​

The concept is simple, a ready-to-use solution and above all pragmatic. We started from scratch to create the software with one goal to guide us : get to the point.​

  • Project management is centralized in a single collaborative space.​
  • No long settings, simplified processes for project creation, planning or reporting
  • Project’s datas are consolidated for management.​​
  • In short, Gouti is a space dedicated to framed and efficient project management.​

Dedicated teams

​CG Project Management teams are dedicated to the project management software Gouti.​ A project manager is positioned for each of our clients. He is responsible for supporting them :​

  • In defining their needs and expected functionalities​​,
  • In the implementation of our software in their structure (SaaS or On Premise)​,
  • In identifying any adaptations​,
  • In change support and start-up assistance.​​

At the same time we’re using our expertise in project management by offering training in our software Gouti and in working in project mode.​

Gouti offers a project management approach with an ERP principle. Discover the features of our project management software.